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Jesus' love letter
Pastor's corner
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Come, we are meant to be together as lovers. There is no sin that can keep you from me. Why are you lingering when I have called you to come to Me.
I have said that if you repent, I am just and willing to forgive you of all your sins, not just some of your sins. If you are willing and come to Me, I will deliver you from all sin. I have paid the price for all your sins and I have redeemed you from the curse.
I died in your place and all of your sins were placed upon Me. Now you must come to Me and receive all that I have done for you. All that I have done is in Me, for I have defeated Satan who had owned the entire human race, Adam gave you to Satan in his one act of disobedience when God instructed Adam not to eat of the tree of good and evil.
I love you and obeyed My Father, even unto death on the cross. I was obedient in all of my ways, without sinning. Because I had no sin in Me, this was the only way I could redeem you back from death, hell, and the grave. When I descended into hell, hell could not keep Me there, because I had no sin in Me.
In Me was the Life and the Life was the Light of men and the Light shines on in the darkness. The darkness has never overpowered it, put it out, absorbed it or appropriated it and is unreceptive to it. The Light overcame the darkness that had all mankind bound and held the human race captive. Because of sin, all of the human race was plunged into gross darkness, causing all born into the world to have a black soul, without light. It is not the color of the skin of a person, but the color of a persons soul, that is the destroyer of the human race.
You all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Before Adam sinned, he had the full Glory of God. Sin causes all to come short of God’s Glory. Sin causes all to be born with a sinful nature — “darkness”.
Come to Me, repent your sins. Godly sorrow works repentance. Being truly sorrowful of your past will work Godly sorrow. In dying I saved you and in rising I justified you. Come now and I will give you the power that raised Me from the dead. And if the power of the Holy Ghost dwell in you, I will quicken your mortal body and make you into My image and likeness.
If you only knew that I really love you with an everlasting love, you would come and experience my love for you now.
I love you, Jesus.
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