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Let's pray for our children
In the pulpit
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It seems as if it were only yesterday students were celebrating the end of the school term and now it is time to return to the classroom. In just a few days, schools across Georgia will begin a new term.
Each school term presents a myriad of challenges to the administration, students and other school personnel. Since Liberty County is so close to Fort Stewart, many new students transfer into the system each year.
Our youth must deal with so many things. In this ever-changing society, they must be flexible. While they may sometimes act “cool” and mature, many times they are uncertain and frightened by obstacles thrown their way.
We, as adults, must remember they need guidance, love, support and our prayers. Whether or not you have a child in the Liberty County School System, we all have a responsibility to help ensure our students become responsible citizens.
Sometimes children must make quick decisions and they’re not above making poor choices. That’s why prayers are so important.We want our children to make good choices because the decisions students make today can follow them into adulthood and throughout the rest of their lives.
Our children simply want to be loved and to know that someone cares for them. When they don’t receive love, children sometimes focus their attention and energy in the wrong direction. But our prayers can divert some of that negativity and keep children from heading down the wrong path.
During our daily prayers, let us remember our children. Lift them up so they can concentrate on their studies without distractions. Children deserve to succeed and we want to see that happen.
We need to pray for students’ safety and well-being. They should not have to stress out about whether they’re safe at school, on the bus, at home or in the community. Every day our children are faced with increasing violence, which results in unnecessary anxiety. Pray that this new school term will be a time of peace and not violence.  
With our unwavering prayers for children, this school year should be a banner year. Continued prayers will help students earn good grades and pass their tests so they can be promoted.
In addition to praying for the children, spend some time volunteering in classrooms. Teachers need assistance with grading papers, making copies, filing, decorating the board and other administrative duties. Your presence in the classroom can provide a sense of moral support for teachers and students. A plate of delicious cookies or some fruit will also make their day.  
Since Liberty County is blessed with many churches, adopting a class may be a good idea to help our youth.  Big brother and big sister programs can also play a vital role in helping to mentor our youth. Additionally, older people can lend a helping hand. They can teach them the value of Godly wisdom and patience.
We all can play a part in helping to make this school year better for our children.
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