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Life can pass one drip at a time
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When some people take a shower they sing, while others use this time to relax and get their thoughts together. And there are some who just want to get in and out and get it over with.
I probably fit into the last category. The other day after I turned the water off I stood there letting it drip from my hair, and it reminded me of something very important: that life is slipping away one drip at a time.
I counted around 20 drips or so, and I realized that 20 seconds of my life had just passed away. I had 20 less seconds on the earth to fulfill my purpose.
If you live a life without purpose, this may not matter much to you – this day becomes just another day. If you know you have a purpose, then every second does matter.
All of us are going to die, and only God knows when that time is going to be. But we do know it’s coming.
We only have 'x' amount of time remaining, and we need to use it for God’s honor first, and then for others, and then finally for our benefit.
My philosophy is that if we use out time for God and our fellow human beings then we will benefit.
We waste so much time doing things that really don’t matter, but may God convict us to remember that as we know time will pass, only what’s done for Christ will last.

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