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Local pastors new book focuses on salvation
In the pulpit
1028 Help Im Lost
The latest book from Dr. Richard Wright, pastor at First United Methodist Church of Hinesville, looks at the importance of salvation. - photo by Photo provided.

Local minister and author Dr. Richard Wright has a new book with a catchy title and a serious message.

Wright, senior pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Hinesville, actually released the book, “Help, I’m Lost — A Wanderer’s Guide to Salvation,” earlier this year, in January. It’s his second book, after “Stop the Church’s Revolving Door: Building Relationships with Church Members ” was released in December 2011.

“My first book talks about relationship in church,” Wright said. “The second book speaks to our ultimate relationship with God — the divine human relationship that influences every relationship that we have.”

Both books were published by Westbow Press.

“I have conducted some workshops at my church and in Columbus, Georgia, on my new book. It is a seeker’s guide to the salvation process,” Wright said. “God provides the way for us to enjoy life now and for eternity. This way is called salvation.”

Wright said the first section of “Help I’m Lost” is to let people know why salvation is needed. The second section deals with the salvation process and steps. He said that he saw lay people and clergy who didn’t fully understand what salvation is and what is involved.

“Salvation is a wonderful concept. Many enthusiastic Christians ask the question to begin a conversation about eternal life,” Wright said. “But do they fully understand the salvation concept? My premise is that many people, regardless of church membership, do not know about salvation.

“This book serves as a wanderer’s guide to salvation whereby the reasons for salvation and the salvation steps are examined in easy to understand terms. ‘Are you saved?’ This question brings out confusion in us. Most of us don’t know if we are saved. Others are not sure what we are to be saved from. Still others don’t know who does the saving and for what.”

Wright said his new book, which has been in the making since 1999 and is featured on the Emory University Alumni Association website, is an outgrowth of seminary work he did on the salvation process.

“I did not write the book from a denominational standpoint, but from a biblical standpoint,” he said. “It’s time to stop being lost. It’s time to use this wanderer’s guide to salvation.”

Copies of Wright’s books can be purchased from major online retailers and at The books can be purchased in softcover and e-book formats.

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