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Love, much like justice, is blind
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If we look at some of our state seals and judicial buildings, we see a figure of a woman with a set of scales, her eyes blinded. This symbol is supposed to remind us that justice is blind, balanced and equal. However, I want you to look at this in a different light. Let's look at the blinded woman as love.
We must understand that in order to be fair and equal to all, we must be blind. If we're aware of who we are dealing with, it may provide an unfair advantage or disadvantage. Yes, love will get you into trouble. Let's look at one example.
When we know about the "Word of God" or His standard, what do we do? Do we treat everyone the same? Sometimes we may not, because we see who we are dealing with and we love the person we see. This is where we must be blind. In order to maintain standards, we can't take a person's identity into consideration. That means not having favorites, which could lead to helping one person and not another.
Blind love has the power to keep us in battered homes, bad jobs, and makes us willing to give all we have to keep a troubled child out of jail. When you love someone and they know it, they hold the ability to "work" the situation. While family members and close friends, of course, deserve your love, there are others who do not. There are people, strangers and neighbors alike, who couldn't care less if you lose your job or home because of them.
Yes, love is blind, but we have to open our eyes and understand that unique situations do arise. Sometimes, we've got to be blind so we can see.
What do I mean? If you are in the situation I just described, the only way you will break out is to look at the situation - not the person. Think about and read God's word and understand that He is a just God and has no favorites.
John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." God's word did not say white, black, red or green. It also did not say male or female but whosoever believeth in him. He treats all of us the same and gives us the same opportunities.
Blind love does not know who it's dealing with, it is aware only of the situation. When are we going to stop looking at and treating people differently? Blind yourself and live by God's word. Remember, sometimes the best we have to offer a troubled person is prayers and faith that God will help them through their situations.

Andrews is president of the UMA and a member of Mount Carmel Ministries.

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