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Make the decision, reap the benefits
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When most people go to their mailbox or P.O. box, they start to immediately go through the mail deciding what pieces are worthy of keeping.
At the post office many go straight to the trash can to cull out the unwanted mail. Some of it is immediately thrown away while other pieces are opened first and then the decision is made of their destiny.
Some mail is taken home and, after viewing it in more detail, is finally thrown away. Some mail gets priority attention, such as bills or letters from family, and is kept.
What I am trying to say is that we judge what mail is of value to us and what mail is not.
Just as people judge the mail’s value to their lives, they do the same with the word of God: the Bible. When faced with the word either reading it themselves or hearing others reference it, they decide if it can benefit them or whether it is a waste of time.
Let me share some of the benefits it can offer:
- It can lead you to a relationship with a real God who you can share your deepest hurts, joys and needs.
- It can lead you to a life of internal peace that allows you to go to sleep at night.
- It can give you direction and guidance as you live out your life with complicated issues.
- It can lead you to a life where guilt doesn’t drive you insane.
- It can lead you to a life of true fulfillment as you find your place of service.
- It can lead you to a life everlasting where our heavenly Father has prepared a place unimaginable to our expectations.
There is one catch, and that is that you have to be willing to obey it.
The No. 1 issue of obedience is that you have to decide to be a Christ follower – then all of the benefits can be yours.

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