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Ministry focuses on giving another chance
In the pulpit
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Oscar and Dr. Alexzine Goosby - photo by Photo provided.

Often times in life, we fail to take the opportunity to stop, help someone else and to give them another chance.  

Elder Oscar Goosby and Evangelist Dr. Alexzine Goosby of Hinesville are doing things to make a difference in the lives of others. They are reaching back and giving back to those who may have experienced hard times.

In September 2009, Dr. Goosby was given a vision of an outreach ministry. “The scripture says in Proverbs 19:17, that, he who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given. God has blessed us, and wants us to give back to those in need,” she said.

“So many people are hurting, and sometimes we take things for granted. I was also inspired by my mother, the late Louise Pray Walthour, who would often say, ‘If I can help somebody along the way, then my living won’t be in vain.’”

“While preparing to collect foods items for the holiday giveaway in September 2009, I knew  there were many people who needed help, especially in light of what the world considered a recession. With donations from family and friends, my husband and I were surprised at the response and the results,” Goosby said.

“When my wife shared her vision with me, I embraced it as a ministry we would do together. Another Chance Ministries is all about another chance to serve God by serving the needs of others,” Elder Goosby explained.

“The amount of assistance given was tripled from the previous year (in part), due to the generous donations from many donors. On Sept. 1, 2010, as we  prepared for yet another food, non-food items and gifts cards giveaway, we realized additional assistance was needed,” Dr. Goosby said.

“Because of this, the ministry was given the name  Another Chance Ministries. During the first year, the ministry gave everything from food and toiletries, to assisting with monetary needs,” she said.

Another Chance Ministries supports various organizations in Liberty County, as well as other needy causes. The ministry has provided assistance to the Liberty County Manna House, Kirk Healing Center, Savannah Feed the Hungry, and relief efforts in Haiti, Japan and Mississippi.

Another phase of the ministry was implemented on Sept. 19, 2010, when the ministry was expanded  to  incorporate teaching Bible study classes. The first class was on Oct. 6, 2010, in their home, noted Elder Goosby.

“Each attendee was asked to bring a canned good. The intent was to teach students to give and become  givers. Another Chance Ministries is active in the community and is has a quarterly distribution. To date, the ministry has given away over 65 electrical fans,” Elder Goosby said.  

Both Elder and Dr. Goosby serve as ministers at Zion Temple Holiness Church of Christ upon the Rock of the Apostolic Faith in Midway. Elder Goosby is also Sunday school superintendent for the Georgia district. Dr. Goosby is the church’s prayer band  leader and hospitality chairperson.

They are both students of the word, and graduates of Trinity Temple College of Religion. Dr. Goosby is also a graduate  of Brewton-Parker College. Elder Goosby has a Bachelor of Science from Wayland Baptist University and a master’s degree from Armstrong Atlantic State University.   

The Goosbys are natives of Liberty County and  the parents of eight children.

A retiree of the United States Air Force, Elder Goosby  taught in the Liberty County School system for 16 years, and is currently a sales professional at Liberty Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Dr. Goosby worked in the medical profession for 15 years, and is currently employed with the Long County Board of Education.

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