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Musician shares story, faith with others
MR Tim Ray 2
Tim Ray - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
For many, medical hardships and difficulties are just too tough to deal with. But one Long County man, with the help of God, overcame his hardships and now is sharing the message of Christ with others.
Tim Ray was born in August 1966 with brain damage. Around May of the following year, his parents began to notice that he was having seizures on a regular basis.
By the time Ray started school, he was having different types of seizures, some of which cause amnesia and short-term memory loss.
Being a student wasn’t easy on Ray as he dealt with health issues and bullies, but that didn’t stop him from graduating from Bradwell Institute in 1986.
Although they lived in Hinesville, Ray and his family always attended Elim Baptist Church in Long County.  The year he graduated, Ray said he felt like he was missing something. He said he later realized that “something” was Jesus.  
“I was 18, and I knew the Lord was working on me, I just had to be obedient, and let Him come into my heart,” Ray said.
In 1991 Ray checked into the Medical College of Georgia for an experimental surgery that involved removing the right temporal lobe of his brain, and then reconnecting the damaged nerves. Ray’s damage was so extensive, the procedure took 14 hours — six hours longer than expected.
Ray had no side effects other than weight gain and more importantly, his seizures stopped.
“It was a miracle, my seizures stopping,” Ray said.
In 2001 Ray felt the Lord calling him to use his story to help others with their hardships, and Ray said he began a music ministry, The Soldier of One God. He goes to different churches sharing his testimony and singing. Ray has recorded three CDs.
“I’m a walking miracle. God healed me physically, but he has done much more for me than just that. He takes care of me every day, and now I need to do some work for Him,” Ray said.
For information on Ray’s ministry, call 977-4755 or 876-0758 or e-mail
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