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Our unchanging God will be faithful
pastor corner

It just amazes me how the stock market operates. It changes at the drop of a hat. Investors react both positively and negatively when a particular news story breaks.
Let me give you an example. A couple of weeks ago, because of the Ebola scare and believing people could contract it by riding on a plane, airline stocks plummeted. American Airlines then rose by 43 percent after the scare was over.
Other things in our world change as well. Our economy changes, going from bustling to recession. Our morals change — we go from chastity to promiscuity. Our climate changes — it recently was reported that this past year was the warmest on record. In our country, we go from record lows to record highs.
The only thing that is guaranteed to be a constant is our heavenly Father.
James 1:17 tells us that he is one “who does not change like shifting shadows.” God always will be forgiving to those who repent and accept his Son, Jesus Christ. He always will be faithful and keep his word and the promises within that word. He always will be a good father to his children, loving us, caring for our needs and even disciplining us for our own good. Even while our world looks like it is spinning out of control, God always is in control.
The good news is that this God who never changes will be faithful to you — if you will trust in him and allow him to come into your life and guide you.

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