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Providing guidance, training
In the pulpit
ea Richie
Pastor Deborah Richie
Power of Faith Ministry was established in Deborah A. Richie’s home in Hinesville in 1987. On May 21, the church will celebrate its 20th anniversary.
Richie began serving as its pastor in 1989. Since then, the church has grown spiritually and physically.
“The ministry is structured for the family,” Richie said.
Currently, Richie is the overseer of Power of Faith in Hinesville while and her son, Walter Richie Jr., has assumed pastoral duties.
“I serve as pastor over the ministry in Savannah,” Richie said.  
“No person is too far gone that God cannot save. People need to know that God is the root of their solution.  Power of Faith is about kingdom building and producing kingdom living. We want to see people turn from sin to salvation,” she said.  
The ministry has various programs in place to assist families, such as counseling for troubled marriages and troubled teens, various youth activities, and a brotherhood ministry. The Youth in Action ministry helps young people deal with their issues.
“The brotherhood has drawn other brothers to the Lord,” Richie said.
“God has given me a burden to deal with young people. We want to see them transition from jail to college. We want to help them to stay on track so they can become productive citizens.”
The church is working on some future projects to help build up and further the vision of the ministry.   
“Thursday night is our family enrichment night. During these sessions, we deal with issues going on in the family,” Richie said.
Power of Faith also has a television ministry on Fox 28 on Saturday mornings from 5:30-6 a.m.
“The youths have their time and the ministers have their time. We are reaching out into the communities,” she said.
Members of the church also evangelize and pray for the elderly. The Hinesville and Savannah church members distribute flyers, tracts, and business cards in the areas around the church and in trailer parks.  
Richie does a lot of ministering abroad.
“I have a deliverance and healing ministry,” she said.
Ritchie serves as an apostle over two churches in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia, and one in North Carolina.
As a pastor with many years of experience, she advises ministers to not be in a hurry.  
“You need to learn to wait. Get under someone. Ask the Lord to show you the right leadership, and be humble enough to take the teaching. To forsake teaching for an early reward will bring death to a later ministry,” she said.
She noted her former armor bearer had a profound impact on her ministry.
“She was like a shield for me for about 10 years. It is important to have a good armor bearer. She never wanted the limelight. Being an armor bearer is a ministry.”.
Richie is the mother of four children and eight grandchildren.
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