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Spiritual leader rocks the house
In the pulpit
1206 Bynum event
Spiritual revivalist Dr. Juanita Bynum II speaks to an audience gathered at the Tabernacle of Prayer for All People. - photo by Photo provided.
Hundreds of people arrived early to the Tabernacle of Prayer for All People on Dec. 3-4. They ignored the chilly weather, formed long lines and waited for the church to open.
Members of the crowd weren’t about to miss the opportunity to sit in on a sermon by a great spiritual leader, Dr. Juanita Bynum II. Some traveled across the Southeast to be part of the spiritual revival.
The audience listened to the choir as they awaited Bynum’s arrival. Excitement rippled through the sanctuary. Parishioners and fans clapped, waved their hands, shouted and danced to welcome the well known author and speaker.
“Never lose your praise,” said Tabernacle Pastor Nancy Kornegay. “Your praise will bring you out. You are blessed. We had over 2,000 people register to attend, but we couldn’t accommodate everybody — you were able to get in.”
Across denominational lines, people came to listen to Bynum, who has appeared on television and been featured in several magazines. Many members of the crowd had attended her conferences, read her books and listened to her sermons and songs on CD and DVD.
“I came to Hinesville to encourage the soldiers and their wives. I am blessed of the Lord to be here,” said Bynum when she took the stage. “They said I wouldn’t come to a small ministry. The Lord requires that we operate in a spirit of excellence and integrity. We are in a time when we have to stop playing games with God. It’s time for the people in the pews to be blessed.   
“I had to cancel some engagements because of another assignment I recently received, but God would not let me cancel this engagement,” she said.
“Why Hinesville? It’s not the size of the town. When God sends a major prophet to a minor place, He is about to do something major in that place. God is looking for a church that praises Him.”
Bynum advised the audience to seek out encounters with God.
“This is an encounter with God. We miss the encounter because of our circumstances. When it is time for your encounter, God doesn’t require that you believe. Saul had an encounter with God. His encounter was instant. God sees you going in the wrong direction and the encounter keeps you from going in the wrong direction” she said.
As the evangelist shared the Lord’s word with the crowd, the church filled with cheers that could have originated at a sporting event. Bynum’s powerful words clearly inspired the crowd.
“The world is talking about a recession, but God will always birth greatness when the world is chaotic. Recession means chance. There is nothing too hard for God. But the people of God don’t know when to move when God says move,” she said.
Clergy members and parishioners were quick to voice their approval of Bynum’s message.
“It was a prophetic word,” said Bishop Raymond Napper, Pastor of Powerhouse of Deliverance in Hinesville. “Something we already know. God is shifting us into the position where He wants to bless us. Time is critical, but some people are still waiting. But God is saying, ‘now.’”
“I think it was great. The word of the Lord was most powerful. It was awesome and glorious,” said Dr. Mary Napper, Raymond Napper’s wife.
Emily Hendry of Trinity Missionary Baptist Temple of Hinesville echoed the Nappers’ sentiment. “I really enjoyed the word, and was truly blessed. She is very encouraging,” Hendry said. “It was unbelievable. It was just amazing. It was good seeing God’s people blessed. I sat and cried because I couldn’t believe what God had done. Every time I looked at Dr. Bynum, I couldn’t fathom  what had happened. Dr. Bynum said she canceled many engagements, but God wouldn’t let her cancel this one. Last week, I told my church mother that I needed an encounter with God. Look what God did. God stopped Dr. Bynum so she could come here, and that was all I needed to get my encounter.
Kornegay said she was happy to have Bynum, especially given the evangelist’s busy schedule.
“All we did was asked her to come, and she said, ‘yes,’” the pastor said.
Anderson is the author of “Lack of Knowledge” and “Dare to Soar.”
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