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Spreading the gospel over the airwaves
In the pulpit
Elder Derwin and Evangelist Carol Puckerin
They currently have a powerful radio broadcast ministry and will soon establish a church.
A Walk in the Word with Elder Derwin Puckerin and Evangelist Carol Puckerin airs at 8 p.m.  every Monday and Wednesday on WTLD (90:5) in Jesup. The 30-minute radio broadcast has been airing for three years.
“The broadcast was initially on Monday nights and started while my husband was in Iraq. God started dealing with me about wives who were left behind. The radio ministry was a source of encouragement to wives and children to let them show that the husband and father may be gone, but God had not left them,” Carol Puckerin said.  
Derwin Puckerin has been in the ministry since 1997, and his wife has served as a minister for 13 years. While assigned to military duty in Germany, he served as an assistant pastor and subsequently pastor of the Truth Will Abound Christian Outreach Fellowship.
A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., he is a sergeant first class assigned to the 188th Brigade at Fort Stewart.
“We train National Guard and Reserve personnel for Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said.
Puckerin has served in the military for 20 years, with duty assignments in Bosnia, Iraq, Fort Knox, Ky., and Germany. His current tour of duty is the third time he has been assigned to Fort Stewart.
Divine Deliverance Ministry will be located in Jesup.
“My husband and I have a deliverance ministry. We desire to see people saved and delivered so they can come up in God, and be victorious and achieve the things of God,” Carol Puckerin said.
The church’s vision is taken from Psalm 107:20, “He sent His word, and healed them and delivered them from their destructions.”
“My husband has a great teaching ministry. We carry past issues - things that originated in childhood and affect adulthood. Deliverance deals with the root of the matter; you have to make sure you get everything. God wants us to become yielded vessel,” she said.
“God has given me a burden for the people of God. Being in the military, I have met people from all walks of life. They have been through so much, and I want to show them the right way. God has blessed me with an abundance of patience,” Derwin Puckerin said.
He credits Bishop Charles E. Moss of the Christian Outreach Fellowship in Dublin with having a great impact on his life and ministry.
“When I first met him, he asked me was I saved. When I said I was not, he wanted to know what was holding me, what was stopping me. He is a great spiritual father and mentor,” Puckerin said.  
Carol Puckerin also said Pastor Barbara Brown of the Lighthouse Mission Vine Church of Deliverance in Vine Grove, Ky., has been a source of great inspiration to her.
“She practices what she preaches. She lives a life of holiness, and she is a very strong woman of God. She knows how to transition from pastor to wife and mother. She taught me balance,” she said. “She taught me that God did not send us to defend the Word; He told us to preach  the Word.”  
The Puckerins have worked   in various areas of ministry in  the church.
“We have worked in mission, finance, maintenance, and served as an usher. In addition to the spiritual side of the church, there is also an administrative and organizational part of the ministry. We must be equipped,” Carol Puckerin said.
Derwin Puckerin loves football, wrestling and fishing. His wife enjoys crafts and decorating.
“I enjoy making my home a peaceful environment. When I am at home, I am a wife. I do not work outside the home, and when my husband and daughter (who is a sophomore) come home, there is an atmosphere of peace,” she said.
“My home is a refuge, not a place of chaos. Some couples in ministry do not know how to transition. I need a husband at home, and I reverence him. I thank God for my husband; he encourages me and builds me up,” she said.
The Puckerins have been married for 17 years. They live in Hinesville and are the parents of two children, Anthony and Ariele.
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