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Spreadking the word
In the pulpit
1012 Willie Inman
Pastor Willie Inman and his wife, Shera. - photo by Photo provided.
He loves to talk about the gospel. Whether he is on the job at Fort Stewart or preaching on television, Apostle Willie Inman has a passionate love for the God and his word.
Inman is the pastor of Mt Sinai Covenant Church in Eastman. His ministry began in 1983, and he established Mt. Sinai Covenant Church in 1995. He serves as overseer for churches in Vidalia, Warner Robbins and Baxley.
As a pastor and overseer, Inman has committed himself to helping non-believers become believers and believers come to maturity in Christ. His ministry is based on prayer and faith in God, and his message is one of hope and deliverance.
“I love to teach. I taught Sunday School 10 years prior to becoming a pastor,” said Inman, who has a bachelor’s degree from Daniel Payne College of Birmingham and has written booklets for the “school of the prophets” classes he teaches.
Inman’s love for the Lord, coupled with his desire to build Christ’s kingdom, has propelled him into many areas of ministry.
His television and radio broadcast, “Is There a Word from the Lord?” is aired in Macon and Warner Robbins.
“Our television broadcast airs every Monday at 11 a,m. and every Thursday at 10 p.m. The radio broadcast is on WMOC FM 88.7 every Sunday from 8:15 a.m. through 9 a,m. The “youth speak out” broadcast is every Saturday from 1:15 through 1:45 p.m.,” Inman said.
He added, “We have a very active youth ministry. Every third Sunday, we recognize our youths with a certificate.”
Mt. Sinai also has an annual youth achievement banquet. Honor roll students sit at the head table with the pastor.
The church has many programs in place.
“We have singles, prayer, outreach, evangelism and missionaries on ministries. Additionally, there is a food bank ministry. We serve hot lunches and bag lunches,” Inman said. The church has a prayer call every morning from 5-6 o’clock. Inman and members of his ministry also conduct tent and street revivals.
Inman fulfills the needs of both the church and the community through his philosophy of ministry, providing services and constant support. He emphasizes the importance of personal development, family and finances balanced with a wholesome, spiritual life.
His vision for the 21st century and beyond is to evangelize the world for Jesus Christ, to help every believer become a true disciple of Jesus Christ and to work on social problems that challenge the communities he’s been called to serve.
Inman credits the late Apostle James T. McManus with being a mentor.
“I was saved under him and he trained me to be a pastor from the heart. He taught me about the gifts of the Spirit. You have to show people you care and love them,” Inman said. His advice to pastors and ministers is to stay focused on their vision and mission statements. “You need to be stable.”  
In addition to his work as a pastor and overseer, Inman is employed at Fort Stewart. Upon retirement, he plans to move to his hometown of Eastman.
In his spare time, Inman enjoys bowling, fishing, boating and reading. He and his wife, Shera, have been married for 20 years. They are the parents of four children and reside in Hinesville.
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