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Stuck between two opinions
Pastor's corner
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“How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord be God then follow Him…” — 1 Kings 18:21

Reading this passage may cause you to think about the current political gridlock facing our legislative and executive branches of government. While I’m sure that many of us are standing and pulling for one side or the other side to come through, we could be missing a far greater picture here.
Years ago, I was taught a powerful principle: “All truth parallels.” There is a gridlock in the hearts and minds of God’s people to, for once and for all, decide, “Whose side are we on? Are we going to place our trust in the opinion of men, or are going to trust in God?”
Life is full of decisions, and decisions determine destiny. We are a product of our decisions. It is time for us to make a stand for God. In the above text, Elijah confronts King Ahab, but he challenges the people to decide for themselves who’s on the Lord’s side.
If you are familiar with the text, you will recall that it was time of great famine and had been no rain for 3 1/2 years.
The amazing thing is while there had been a famine, God miraculously had provided for Elijah the entire time — and He will for you as well.
I recognize that, for many, these are some challenging times, and you are looking for answers. And while I am not excusing our elected officials, I am reminding you that our source is God. We often tend to rely too much on the “arm of flesh” and forget that our Father in heaven is a supplier of our needs. He still is able to bring miraculous provision to you.
I want to remind you of another challenging time in the Bible for God’s people. The armies of nations were set in array to invade and attack them. They were threatened by insurmountable odds. King Jehoshaphat made the proclamation “Lord, our eyes are on you!” Here they were unsure of their action or reaction, but the decision was to place our eyes on God.
Let that be your decision of destiny — declare “My eyes are not on people, circumstances or conditions; Lord my eyes are on you!”

Brown is the founder and senior pastor of Destiny Christian Center in Hinesville.

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