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Will your community remember you?
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In Matthew 26, we are told that there was a woman who poured expensive perfume on Jesus’ head.
The disciples were upset, because they felt like it was a waste and could have rather been used to help the poor. Jesus responded that it was to prepare for his burial.
I don’t wish to go into all of the customs of that day, but Jesus said that what she did was a sacrificial gift, and because of her act, she would be remembered for it in the Christian community throughout history.
There have been other people who have done extraordinary things for the good of humanity under the name of Christ who also will be remembered for ages to come.
For instance, Mother Teresa and her sisters of mercy cared for the outcast and poor. We have Martin Luther King Jr., who in the name of Christ, with non-violence, challenged head-on the injustices to black society in America. We have Billy Graham, who took the message of salvation in Christ to the cities around the world. There was William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, who took on the responsibility of addressing the needs of the unfortunate. All of these, plus many more, will go down as heroes in the Christian community.
One thing we need to remember is that everyone will not do things to the magnitude of these well-known followers of Christ, but we all are called to do something to help change our community or sphere of influence in which God has placed us. Thousands who may not be known around the world have left positive impressions where God has placed them, and when they pass they will be missed and remembered for years to come.
The sad thing is that there are many who will be remembered for evil rather than good things they have done. But the big question is, what will you be remembered for? What difference will you make where God has placed you?

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