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Young author looks to bring people to God
0130 Retha Rowe
Retha Rowe, a Bradwell Institute student, displays a copy of her book, The Printed Message, at her Liberty County home. - photo by Mikee Riddle


In a lot of ways Retha Rowe is like any other high school junior: She likes to hang out with her friends, she likes to sing, likes to play the guitar and she likes dancing with her Wii.

But for this 16-year-old, even though those activities may be fun, she has a higher calling that she enjoys too, and that is writing.

Rowe writings are not what most people would expect from the pen of a teenager.

"I want people to enjoy what I write and be entertained and stuff like that, but the main thing that I want them to get out of them is for them to see Jesus, and I want God glorified through them," Rowe said.

She first began toying with writing when she was in elementary school, jotting down a note here, a tidbit there. When she was in eighth grade she decided she to write a book. That book, "The Printed Message," is about a group of middle school kids who discover a note that takes them to an old house. They become involved with a gang hiding out after robbing a bank. From there, the action begins.

The book was published by Xlibris Publishing in November and Rowe is already working on her next book, which is about the same group of kids. The plot picks up where "The Printed Message" ends.

Rowe said it is important that her books seem real and that people can relate to the characters.

"All of the characters in the book are based on people that I know and places in this area. The first book actually takes place in Hinesville," she said.

Rowe is a member of Elim Baptist Church and attends Bradwell Institute.

"My parents help me and love me, but God also is there with me, helping me through everything I have to go through. The book has my favorite Bible passage in it and has a lot to do with my faith," the young author said.

If anyone is interested in finding information on Rowe or her book, The Printed Message they can go to or


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