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Restaurant Sanitation Scores
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The following are among the food service establishments inspected in May by the Liberty and Long county health departments. The departments score on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. To view all restaurant scores, go to

May 11
• Davis House, 226 Old Sunbury Rd., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) No potentially hazardous food stored In the refrigerator at the time of inspection. (2) Facility not open during inspection. (3) Servsafe certificate expired 08/2016.

May 16
• El Coqui Bakery LLC, 790 Veterans Pkwy, Hinesville. Score: 91. Grade: A.
Violations: Observed food stored in prep line and pastry cooler above 41F. Corrected on site by moving food to walk-in cooler to reduce food temperature. Suggest keeping temperature log in cold and hot holding equipment to make sure food is at 41F or below or 135F or above. New Violation.
Remarks: (1) Food in the prep line was moved from the walk-in cooler to the pre cooler after lunch. I talked to the manager about using temperature logs to make sure the equipment (coolers/warmers) are keeping the food at the proper temperature. (2) Observed wet wiping cloths stored on counter tops in between usage. Need to store cloths in sanitizing solutions in between usage. (3) Observed outside hose stored on the mop sink. Need to use food grade hose. (4) Observed self-closing fixture in disrepair on back door. Need to repair as soon as possible. (5) Observed trash bags of food stored outside. Need to store trash with in a closed container. (6) Will follow up on cold and hot holding. Suggest placing rice in a rice cooker/warmer to keep the rice at 135F or above.
Follow up 05/18/2016: (1) Went to follow up on the coolers. The owner stated that he bought some ice bags to keep the food cool in the coolers during the lunch rush. The bags have not been delivered so he is keeping the food in the walk-in cooler. (2) The cheesecake is being store in the walk-in cooler. (3) The owner is discarding of the rice and empanadas after the lunch rush. He stated lunch is from 11:00 - 1:00. (4) I went over the new rules and regulations with the owner.

May 17
• Cici’s Pizza, 230 General Screven Way #100, Hinesville. Score: 90. Grade: A.
Violations: (1) Observed debris and oil build up on dough press. Repeat Violation. (2) Observed plastic container stacked while wet. New Violation. (3) Observed food splatter in the pizza prep area. New Violation. (4) Observed pipe leaking under the 3-compartment sink. New Violation.
Remarks: Observed ice scoop in disrepair and taped together. Need to replace ice scoop container.

• Kyoto, 213 W. Oglethorpe Hwy., Hinesville. Score: 88. Grade: B.
Violations: (1) Observed sushi rice stored with proper time markers. Corrected on site by discarding of rice. New Violation. (2) Observed multiple wet wiping cloths stored on counter and equipment. New Violation.
Remarks: (1) Need food grade hose on mop sink. (2) Need to label spices/ contents inside bulk containers in storage area. (3) Observed water damaged ceiling tile in the kitchen area.

• Stoner’s Pizza Joint, 103 General Screven Way Ste. D, Hinesville. Score: 87. Grade: B.
Violations: (1) Person in charge stated that dishes are scrubbed with dish detergent and then rinsed and air dried without a sanitizer step. Food contact surfaces must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized, and then air dried. New Violation. (2) Observed employee preparing raw pizza dough, answer the phone, and then go back to handling the pizza dough without taking off gloves. Hands should be washed when changing tasks. New Violation.
Remarks: (1) Observed employee preparing pizza without hair restrained. Corrected on site by putting on a hat. (2) Observed unshielded fluorescent light in storage/dishwashing area of kitchen. (3) Observed bulk containers of wing sauces with holes in lids for applying sauce to wings. Sauces should be added to a smaller container or squeeze bottle as needed to prevent contamination of bulk container. (4) Observed dry ingredients for pizza dough portioned out and stored in carry out containers with holes in the lids. Containers should be sealable to prevent contamination. (5) Observed moldy onion, corrected on site by discarding. (6) Observed water bottle stored on shelf in kitchen, employee drinks in kitchen should be in a disposable cup with a lid and straw. (7) Observed broken self closing fixture on back door, please repair. (8) Wings were returned to walk-in to lower temperature. (9) Ricotta was returned to prep cooler to lower temperature. (10) A food grade hose is needed at the mop sink. (11) Suggest getting a digital thermometer because facility has no ice to calibrate thermometer. (12) Discussed employee health policy forms, written procedures for cleaning up fecal and vomit events new rules.

May 19
• Checkers, 147 E. General Screven Hwy., Hinesville. Score: 85. Grade: B.
Violations: (1) Observed PHF stored in prep line cooler above 41F. Observed ice forming on the compressor and the door is not closing completely. Corrected on site by moving food to the walk-in cooler to reduce temperature. Repeat Violation. (2) Observed live flies in kitchen. Repeat Violation.
Remarks: (1) Observed food stored uncovered on the prep line with flies in the facility the food is at higher risk to become contaminated. Corrected on site by the manager placing lids on the containers. (2) Manager stated they are not going to use the cooler under the prep line.

May 23
• Church’s Chicken, 447 E.G. Miles Pkwy., Hinesville. Score: 90. Grade: A.
Violations: (1) Observed PHFs stored in the warmer below 135F. Corrected on site by discarding. New Violation. (2) Observed gaskets in disrepair, water leaking and doors not closing completely on the reach-in cooler. Food stored in the cooler was causing food temperatures to elevate. The manager moved the food to the walk-in cooler. New Violation. (3) Observed walls under cash register area and floors/hot holding unit dirty with food debris and grease build up. New Violation.
Remarks: (1) Observed hose leaking at mop sink. Need a food grade hose for the mop sink. (2) Need to replace internal thermometers in the reach-in cooler. (3) Observed water leaking from the tea urn distribution line.

May 11
• Long County High School, 1844 Ga. Hwy. 57, Ludowici. Score: 100. Grade: A.
Remarks: None.

• Long County Middle School, Academy St., Ludowici. Score: 99. Grade: A.
Violations: Observed insufficient lighting in both walk in cooler and freezer. New Violation.

May 25
• Dairy Queen, Hwy. 84, Ludowici. Score: 95. Grade: A.
Violations: (1) Sandwiches found stored in reach-in cooler uncovered and subject to contamination. New Violation. (2) Observed buildup on floors in walk-in cooler and freezer. Observed cobwebs in back storage area. Observed buildup on floor where ice machine drains. New Violation.

• Lena Mae’s, 68 E. Cypress St., Ludowici. Score: 95. Grade: A.
Violations: (1) No thermometer in the refrigerator. New Violation. (2) Utensils not stored properly. New Violation. (3) Microwave not clean. New Violation.

May 26
• Roundtable Restaurant, 217 Lee Place Rd. NE, Ludowici. Score: 95. Grade: A.
Violations: (1) No soap or paper towels located at handwashing sink. New Violation. (2) Observed ice scoop with handle in contact with ice. New Violation.

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