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Get those closets cleaned out
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I may not like doing it, but once I get started cleaning out closets, it is almost like a drug. I want to clean out cabinets, storage rooms, etc. I know it sounds like a sickness, but it is true. I actually feel lighter when I purge stuff  that we no longer use.
I wish my scales reflected that imaginary weight loss, but I am sure my house feels lighter and better, too.
This week is a perfect week to join me in this addictive feeling. We will host our quarterly Recycle It! Fair on Saturday, Feb. 22, at three locations in Liberty County. Our partners —  Goodwill Industries, Coastal Auto and Recycling, the Liberty County Solid Waste Authority and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department — make it possible to recycle a wide variety of items at each of these convenient locations, so make sure you check the list and bring in what you need to recycle.
Our friends at the city of Midway and the city of Walthourville provide the volunteer power to make these additional sites possible for your convenience.
Our sites, which all are open between 9 a.m.-1 p.m., are:
• Liberty County Health Department, 1113 East Oglethorpe Highway
• Midway Fire Department, 10528 E. Oglethorpe Highway in Midway
• Walthourville City Hall, 222 Busbee Drive in Walthourville
Here is a reminder of the items we will accept:
• E-waste — electronics including computers, printers, monitors, any computer accessories, stereo equipment, televisions, cellphones and accessories. All hard drives will be wiped clean for your security by our local Goodwill Industries.
• household paint as long as the cans are sealed well, are not rusted and are, at least, half-full. If the cans are not in good condition, add cat litter or sand to the paint, let it completely dry up and then dispose of the cans in your regular garbage.
• Compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent light bulbs Check out the website on CFLs for Energy Star,, for more information on these energy-efficient lights.
• used motor oil and antifreeze, as well as car batteries. At the Midway and Walthourville sites, we will accept car batteries, but can accept the oil and antifreeze only in clean, disposable containers. (Remember to always recycle motor oil and antifreeze as soon as possible. Never pour these items down the drain or into a storm drain or just dump them. They can cause severe water-pollution problems.)
• any household batteries
• printer ink and toner cartridges
• telephone books and large sale catalogs
• hardcover books, paperbacks, and textbooks
• old prescription medications and over-the-counter medications. The only items that the sheriff’s office cannot accept are hypodermic needles.
• household goods and clothes in clean, decent condition
• shoes as well as a number of other items for Midway Middle School’s Recycling. Email or their school website for a list the items MMS collects.
The Georgia Arbor Day tree giveaways are a special bonus for you at this week’s fair locations. To celebrate Georgia Arbor Day, Keep Liberty Beautiful once again is providing free 4-to-6-foot trees, including dogwoods, crepe myrtles (red, white, pink and lavender), vitex (a smaller bushy flowering tree), white oaks , swamp chestnut oaks and red maples. We encourage any civic or youth groups, schools, churches, businesses and municipalities, as well as individuals, to reserve a tree to plant.  Contact Keep Liberty Beautiful by Monday to reserve your tree.  Trees will be available for pick-up from 9 a.m.-noon Friday at Farmers Natural Foods or from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday at all three Recycle It! Fair sites. The limit is one tree per household or organization.
Call 880-4888 or email
By working to increase our tree canopy in our towns and cities, we can benefit our whole community.

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