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Getting a dun in the mail
Liberty lore
Margie Love
Margie Love writes about area history. - photo by File photo

These are some odds and ends I jotted down 21 years ago in 1994.

“My vacation started off with a big bang a few weeks ago. Monday morning early, I had to go to town and buy some mineral ice to rub on my husband’s pulled muscle in his shoulder. On the way, I stopped to pay some on a dun.

“‘Dun’ — I bet you have not heard that word in a long time! To hear it reminds me of my daddy. He was always asking if any duns came in the mail that day. A few years ago, I called the propane-gas company and told the lady that I did not appreciate getting a dun in the mail the very day after my gas tank had been filled. She laughed and laughed. (This was when the mail service was much faster than today. Since I live in Tattnall County, I get the Coastal Courier at least two weeks after it is printed — sometimes later!) I asked the lady, when she could stop laughing long enough, what was so funny. I was very irritated at getting a ‘past due’ notice the very next day after delivery. She told me that it had been so long since she had heard the word ‘dun.’

“Now back to my story. I stopped at Jim Woodard’s Appliance Store to pay some on our air conditioner and was leaving the store. One of the men said something to me, and I turned around and answered him. Then, I walked right smack into the large glass window! Before I knew what was happening, I was sitting on my back end about 5 feet from the window. How in the world just walking into a glass window knocked me down and so far back is beyond me. The lady and some others ran over to see if I was all right. Basically, I was OK but very embarrassed, as there were about 10 people in the store! I assured them I was OK. I just wanted to get out of that store.

“I sat in the truck a few minutes before driving on to town. My forehead was very sore and had a large lump on it, and my hip bone was aching, too. That concrete floor was hard! Heck, now I would need the mineral ice. I looked at the window again after I stood up, and it was so clear and clean that it still looked like an open door. Boy, one can’t mistake my windows at home! We had problems with the glass windows at City Hall where I work, and we stuck plastic butterflies at eye level on the glass to prevent problems. Clean windows can be hazardous! (A few months ago, when I saw Mr. Woodard at Gum Branch Baptist Church, he told me that someone else did the same thing shortly after I did. They quickly decided they had better put something in front of that window. They had been worried about me. Heck, I was worried about me, too!)

“On our trip to North Georgia the other day, we stopped in Thomson and bought some fresh pork-sausage patties and links at Cason’s Met Packing Company. These are next to the best homemade ones I have ever eaten. They are almost as good as the ones Mrs. Lelia Mae Parker used to make for Key Howard. They also sell good homemade syrup that is good to sop with good homemade biscuits when the sausages are cooked. We like the mild ones, but Mama always wants us to buy her a box of extra-hot ones so she could taste the red pepper when she ate them.

“If you are ever in this tiny town, you owe it to yourself to go by the store and buy some of these sausages. We loaded coolers full, for several at the Hinesville Police Department had requested some, also.

“Farmers, you all need to save all your old, rusted barbed wire around your farms. There is a country gift shop in Hinesville that has heart-shaped barbed wire decorated with a little ribbon wrapped around it and maybe a bow for $9.95. The new kind of barbed wire that doesn’t rust is not in demand. I wonder how many local folks buy this. My son-in-law Paul made me one and decorated it. I gave it to a friend of mine who wanted it. Paul had just buried a large amount of rusted wire the week before. Better start digging it up! Do you remember the craze a short time back when people wanted the old outdoor toilet seats for picture frames? You never know what will be next.

“Isn’t it funny how a particular smell will bring back so many memories? While traveling, I carried a quart canning jar filled with water to give to Bucky, our Chihuahua, in a butter dish. At some point, I was very thirsty so I just opened it and turned the jar up and drank from it. The smell of jarred-up water immediately reminded me of times many years ago — or was it only yesterday? — that we helped Daddy in the turpentine woods. He always kept a glass gallon jug of water nestled under a large hill of wire grass to quench our thirst about 10 in the morning. It was not a Pepsi we wished for, but a huge drink of water from that jug.

“We all drank from the same jug passing it around from one to the other. Then, it was careful placed back under the wire grass.”

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