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Girl from Ipanema, turns 50
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RIO DE JANEIRO — “Tall and tan and young and lovely...” You’ve heard of her. The Girl From Ipanema.

You might have come across the bossa nova classic while on hold on the phone, during a long elevator ride, or in a cafe in Beirut or Bangkok — but you’ve heard it. It’s been recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Amy Winehouse, and survived bad lounge singers and Muzak incarnations to become, according to Performing Songwriter magazine, the second most recorded song in the world.

The quintessential bossa nova tune was inspired by a young woman who passed the songwriters in a beachside bar on her way to the sea in Rio de Janeiro.

Judge refuses to dismiss celebrity burglary case

LOS ANGELES — A judge refused to dismiss charges Friday against a group accused of burglarizing celebrities’ homes based on an officer’s paid work on a film about the case, but called the investigator’s actions “stupid” and a gift for defense attorneys.

An attorney for Roy Lopez Jr., who is charged with burglarizing Paris Hilton’s home, argued the $12,500 paid to the lead investigator for work on Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film on the case was outrageous conduct that justified a dismissal.

Superior Court Judge Larry P. Fidler disagreed during Friday’s hearing, but criticized Los Angeles Police Officer Brett Goodkin’s work on “The Bling Ring.”

“His judgment is as poor as it gets,” Fidler said, adding that he would allow defense attorneys for three remaining defendants to extensively question him about his credibility during trial.

Warner Bros. cancels more Batman events

MEXICO CITY — Warner Bros. Pictures says it has canceled appearances by the cast and filmmakers of the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” in Mexico and Japan after a shooter killed 12 people and injured at least 50 Friday in a Colorado theater during a midnight premiere of the newest Batman movie.

The studio says actors Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon Levitt will no longer hold press or red carpet events on Monday at Mexico City’s National Auditorium.

Premiere events in Paris were also canceled Friday.

The studio said it would continue with screenings for special guests and promotion winners so as not to disappoint fans.

In Finland, public broadcaster YLE television said movie distributor FS-Film’s entire Internet campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises” temporarily has been shut down and that TV spots have been withdrawn. It was not clear Saturday how long the suspension would last, but it may only be this weekend.

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