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Goldenheirs back from mission to North Carolina
The Rev. Jimmy Bryant adds finishing touches to a brick wall the mission team built in Spruce Pine, N.C.
In July, the New Sunbury Association sponsored a week-long mission trip to Spruce Pine, N.C., under the direction of the Rev. Jimmy Bryant, minister of education for Hinesville First Baptist Church. Eighteen people attended, including six youth.
Mornings were spent with the youth and women conducting a vacation Bible school, led by Dora Sprinkle, at a Christian daycare. The men built a ramp for a woman in need and were involved in other building projects.
Afternoons were spent renovating a lunchroom/kitchen in a private Christian school. This work included scraping and painting walls and cabinets. Association members also visited a pregnancy crisis center. The sewing group donated newborn clothing and other items to the center.
While in Spruce Pine, the group learned of a need for children’s shoes. Their mission project for August was to collect shoes. The group collected 135 pairs of shoes, filling five boxes, and they are now on the way to Spruce Pine.
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