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Help make the area more beautiful through the Great American Cleanup
Keep Liberty Beautiful

Everyone wants to live, work, and play in a clean and green community — and it’s up to everyone to make that possible. We all have to work together to improve the overall quality of life for our community.
We invite you to join over 1,000 local citizens this spring as we work to make that happen by cleaning up Liberty County — street by street and town by town — for the Great American Cleanup. You can participate in the 2015 Great American Cleanup by cleaning up litter and trash along our roadways, streams, creeks, parks, right of ways and neighborhoods. Community and civic clubs, schools and youth groups, families and friends, businesses, hunting and fishing clubs, church organizations, sports teams and others are asked to engage their members and participate in the Great American Cleanup in Liberty County.
According to, the Great American Cleanup is the country’s largest community improvement program, involving more than 20,000 communities and 2 million volunteers.
The Great American Cleanup offers structured service activities. To me, litter cleanups are actually down to earth hands-on environmental education. Once you participate in a litter cleanup, two things happen: you start noticing litter around you that you once just ignored as part of the scenery and you realize you never want to toss a piece of litter again. You also realize that you don’t want other people to toss litter, either. 
Mark your calendar now for these upcoming cleanup events around our community:

• March 7 — ASU Treasure Savannah/Liberty in Flemington
• March 14 — Walthourville and Allenhurst citywide cleanups
• March 21 — Midway, Riceboro and East End-area cleanups
• March 28 — GumBranch citywide cleanup
• April 18 — Flemington citywide cleanup
• April 25 — Hinesville citywide cleanup

Each of these cleanup events are organized volunteer events sponsored by each city and Keep Liberty Beautiful. These events offer service opportunities for businesses and organizations to engage their employees and members in meaningful community improvement. We provide the cleanup supplies and the cities graciously provide picnics for volunteers afterwards. 
We also encourage businesses that perhaps can’t participate in a Saturday event to consider brightening their businesses the week before their city’s cleanup event by cleaning up litter in their frontage, right of ways and parking lots. We can provide supplies for this participation, too, and encourage businesses to contact us for more information!
So join us as we work together to build and sustain a more-beautiful community. 
For more information, call us at 880-4888, email or go to

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