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Holiday-gift suggestions for the film fan
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Having trouble deciding which gifts to give this holiday season? Why not give the gift of film?

Allow me to match some recent films to those special people in your life.

The Tough Guy or Gal — If the rough-and-tumble person in your life enjoys film, they’re the easiest to shop for in some ways. Consider buying “Lawless,” the prohibition era action/drama that tells the story of real brothers who are bootleggers in Franklin County, Va., also known as the wettest county in the world. I would skip purchasing “Expendables 2,” unless they specifically requested it. Many have told me it was a terrible letdown. Seasons of the TV series “Breaking Bad” or “Justified” also might pique their interest.

The Sci-Fi Geek — For some dumb reason, the intriguing time travel noir “Looper” won’t be released to home video until Dec. 31. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pre-order it now and present your favorite geek with a printed picture of the movie poster. I had to see the film, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, twice in theaters — it was that cool. Definitely buy this one on Blu-Ray if you can swing it. As a second option, only buy “Prometheus” if you’re sure your geek loved “Alien.” The movie is a little “out there.”

The Bridesmaid — Women like to laugh just as much as the guys. If your lady friend keeps quoting lines from the comedy “Bridesmaids,” she also may like “Wanderlust,” “Horrible Bosses” or “Our Idiot Brother.”

The Teen Queen — If she already has all the “Twilight” films, pick her up a copy of “The Hunger Games.” Sorry, “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, part 2” won’t be released to home video anytime this year.

The Adrenaline Junkie — If action is his or her middle name, try “Lockout,” which for me was quite the throw back to old action movies. You also can try Jason Statham in the action-packed flick “Safe” and bike messenger movie “Premium Rush” ( ‘nuff said). I also highly recommend the police drama “End of Watch,” which has intelligent, well-acted action.

The Super Hero — “The Dark Knight Rises” now is on home video, and there will be a special trilogy of all the Chris Nolan-directed Bat-films as well. “The Avengers” is on home video as well.

The Hopeless Romantic — “The Lucky One” is a romance based on a Nicolas Sparks novel. “Think Like a Man” was a big hit. But my favorite romantic indulgence is the British series “Downton Abbey.” Seasons one and two are on home video.

The Movie Snob — A film gift for the snob has to be top-notch. I’d recommend a copy of “The King’s Speech” or “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.” “Beginners” and “The Artist” both claimed Academy Awards this year.

Mom — If you really want to make Mom smile, why not give the gift of “Magic Mike?” If she’s more conservative, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” is a wonderful choice. The funny, heart-felt drama spotlights the dilemmas that come with aging, but in an encouraging manner.

Dad — “Everybody’s Fine,” starring Robert De Niro, is a great family dramedy your dad might enjoy. If he fancies himself a detective, try “The Raven.” If he likes to laugh, pick up “The Campaign.”

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