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Its time to break out the cow pajama onesies
Chick-fil-A cows

The grand opening of the Hinesville Chick-fil-A will be tomorrow at 6:30 a.m.

Wait did you just say 6:30 a.m.?

Well, normally I would say heck no! Ain’t no chicken sandwich worthy of a 6:30 a.m. call time.

But this is Chick-fil-A. We’ve waited a long time to have a local Chick-fil-A and it’s more than a grand opening.

It’s a city slumber party.

New owner Nick Westbrook is keeping with tradition and allowing folks to camp out in the restaurant’s parking lot starting this evening.

What the heck for, you ask?

Free Chick-fil-A for a year that’s what!!

Yep. The first 100 lucky customers will get Chick-fil-A gift cards good for free meals that include their famous chicken sandwich, medium waffle fries and a medium drink.


Dude, I am so getting my cow pajama onesie ready for this! Heck I would camp out just to take my picture with their cow mascot, let alone a chance for a year’s worth of free waffle fries.

Now there are some rules. You have to be over 18 to win a gift card. You also have to reside within certain zip codes. Those were published in Sunday’s Coastal Courier. No “I’m-listing-the zip codes-here-for-you.”

Get busy and look them up yourself while I get in line!!

I will do you all a favor and break out (read air out) my tent that likely has not been opened in YEARS. I will give it a quick set up and a heavy dosing of Febreze. Come to think of it I may have to wash my cow pajama onesie too.

Camping out overnight is going to be a blast. There might be some rain in the forecast so plan accordingly.  
And once the doors open I will be ready.

Honestly, I don’t know whether to go full blown traditional with a sandwich and waffle fries. Or try and be a bit healthy with their spicy Southwest salad.

Salad with a side of MILKSHAKE please (yeah that’s it…a little good to go with a little bad….it’s called balance).

Dust off your tents and come camp out with us. The Hinesville Chick-fil-A is located at 877 West Oglethorpe Highway.

Editor’s note: Leon is our favorite foodie. She’s also our only foodie.

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