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Kapow litter at Great American Cleanup
Keep Liberty Beautiful
Sara Swida

Did you know the world’s greatest superheroes live in Liberty County? They do, and you may even be one.

Are you that mild mannered Clark Kent-type hiding a big “S” under your shirt? Lets find out this spring. We are looking for superheroes willing to fight for the planet by cleaning up our environment. The annual Great American Cleanup brings out the superhero in each of us. Volunteering in the fight against litter is truly a struggle between good and evil.

I have met many of you over the years at cleanups and tree plantings and recycling collections. I have caught glimpses of your hidden shiny capes and seen the tan lines around where you secretly wear your eye mask. This is the year to show your true super colors.

We have a host of opportunities for you to impact on our environment. Here are the main dates for citywide/area cleanups:
• March 19, Midway
• March 19, Gum Branch
• April 9, east end
• April 9, Riceboro
• April 16, Hinesville
• April 30, Walthourville
• April 30, Allenhurst

We can also set up cleanups for neighborhoods, schools, organizations or businesses wherever and whenever you feel super. We provide supplies to enhance your superpowers, including litter reachers, gloves, garbage bags and safety vests, as well as bottled water. At each citywide cleanup, we provide a thank-you picnic after the work. We also will thank each of our registered volunteers with superhero T-shirts.

Litter is ugly and nasty, and can cause health and safety issues. It also affects how prospective businesses and visitors view our county. I hope you will consider getting involved. Your presence can make a significant — even super — difference. Not only do these cleanups pick up trash that people have left on the road, it also reminds your neighbors, who might be those people, that others don’t want  litter on the roads.

If the superhero inside you is breathing a little faster in anticipation to do good, contact your city hall to volunteer for a cleanup day or contact us at Keep Liberty Beautiful to get involved. To volunteer, call Keep Liberty Beautiful at 912-880-4888 or email us at or check out KLB programs on Let’s “kapow” litter in its tracks this spring!

Swida is director of Keep Liberty Beautiful.

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