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Keep Liberty Beautiful: In a perfect world
Are you HomeProud? I hope so, and I hope that you have many neighbors who are, also. Help us recognize properties we can be proud of between now and June 30. - photo by Stock photo

In a perfect world, I would be unemployed.
• There would be no litter on our roads.
• People would never use their vehicles as trash cans and let their trash blow out.
• All citizens would tie their garbage bags securely in their poly carts and vehicles.
• Every yard in our community would be clean and well-groomed.
• Every commercial property would be well-maintained and inviting so customers would be eager to do business there.
• All parks and green spaces would be litter-free.
• Gardens would be blooming everywhere, and we all would enjoy the benefits of that beauty.
• Our neighborhoods would be litter-free and well-groomed — no graffiti, junk cars or other old furniture and appliances in front yards.
• Our waterways would be clean, healthy places for us and our local aquatic life and wildlife friends.
• People would never flick cigarette butts on our sidewalks or roads or into storm drains.
• People would never dump yard waste in the street or down storm drains.
• People and commercial establishments would always responsibly dispose of used oil.
• No one’s vehicles would leak oil or other fluids on our roads and driveways to be washed away into our waterways by the next hard rain.
In a perfect world, there would be no need to recognize businesses and homeowners with Win-dex Awards and HomeProud recognition, because every home and business already would be a winner in their own right.
Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world yet, but we can strive for that kind of vibrant community and recognize those citizens in our community who lead the way. We are accepting nominations for those aforementioned honors.
We ask each of you to take a look at your home and yard through the eyes of your neighbors, those who drive or walk by each day, and even visitors to Liberty County. How our homes look makes a powerful statement about who we are and who we are as a community.
So what do we do? Take a look. Does the yard need a trim? Do plants need some maintenance? Is a little weeding in order? Do any repairs need to be done? This month, we want to select some homes across our county that have that HomeProud look, the kind of appearance that we would wish all homes could have.
A host of Keep Liberty Beautiful friends and volunteers are looking for homes and homeowners who deserve a little pat on the back for taking care of our community one yard at a time, but we welcome your input.
Do you know of a home that deserves that kind of recognition? Call Keep Liberty Beautiful at 880-4888 or email and share the address and name of the homeowner and even a picture, if you can. Any home is eligible. We can be proud of homes across our community no matter how modest or lavish, as long as they are taken care of.  
Are you HomeProud? I hope so, and I hope that you have many neighbors who are, also. Help us recognize properties we can be proud of  between now and June 30.
Win-dex Awards nominations for attractive local businesses also are being accepted through June 30. This award gives you a chance to pick a business you think deserves a pat on the back for looking good.
This quarterly awards program, sponsored by the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and KLB, is our way of acknowledging eye-catching businesses in our community.
Win-dex nomination forms are available at the KLB office by calling 880-4888 or going to 9397 E. Oglethorpe Highway in Midway, or at the chamber office, 368-4445 or 425 W. Oglethorpe Highway in Hinesville.
You also can email to If you wish, you can email your information the requested information — business name, contact, location and why you are nominating them.
Remember to fully explain why this business is deserving of recognition.
I will be happy to be unemployed one day as we work toward an attractive, clean and healthy community. Help us make that happen! Let’s be Liberty proud and thank these local property owners — homes and businesses — for their outstanding efforts.

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