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Life in Liberty Q&A: CrossFit Hinesville owner Tina Carson
Carson headshot

Q. What kind of people do you see come in during new year?

A. “A lot of people that come in are people that have not done any fitness at all. So, a lot of people that are coming in are trying to get better at a 5K run. They’re trying to learn how to squat. They’re just trying to work out, get healthier, learn how to eat right.
You have the New Year resolution people that are 110 percent, full blown into everything. They want to eat better They want to learn how to lift weights. They want to learn how to run a 5K. So, we see a bunch of that in the new year. The new year brings in literally people that are 300-plus pounds. Probably 80 percent of the people are very overweight, the new year brings in.”

Q. What keeps people sticking to their New Year resolution to get healthy?

A. “I think the community, somebody holding them accountable. That’s so important. It’s like a family. So, people come in and they’re like, ‘I feel like this is home. I feel everybody’s welcoming.’ Everybody knows you by name. You’re cheered on. The last person is cheered on. That gives me goosebumps because the last person is cheered on to finish. You don’t do a workout and then leave. The class cheers whoever is last on. So, it’s a community. If you’re not here in two or three days. We’re reaching out to you.
So, that keeps people motivated. We send out inspirational quotes. We post a lot of pictures, a lot of before and after. So, like Iris, she can see where she came from.”

Q. What’s the biggest obstacle in getting started?

A. “They’re scared. They don’t think they’re in shape enough. That’s the No. 1 fear of not starting CrossFit. They think it’s dangerous and they’re worried that they’re too out of shape because they’re looking at people on YouTube and on the internet. They’re not seeing what the community actually consists of.”

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