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10 small things that will make you look more attractive
It's actually not hard to boost your attractiveness and confidence. - photo by Lindsey Miller
Everyone loves to feel comfortable and attractive in their own skin. Its not unusual to see someone wearing makeup or coloring their hair to accentuate their best features. Some people would call it superficial, but for most people, a little makeup or a new outfit can really boost confidence.

Not only do these type of things make you feel great about yourself, but they also make you seem more attractive to other people. Here are 10 things that make you look more attractive, according to science:

1. Smile

In a study published by the American Psychological Association, researchers revealed that smiley women were more attractive to men. But smiling can also help you. In a study done by the University of Cardiff in Wales, they found that people who often put on a smile are happier overall.

2. Wear red

When youre trying to attract a man, experts say its best to wear red. So ditch your little black dress for the night and replace it with something red to initially attract your dream guy. Dont worry if you dont have red clothes a little red lipstick will work just fine.

3. Take care of your hair

Making sure your hair is clean and healthy is basic hygiene, but its also attractive. Plus having clean hair makes you feel more confident. You dont have to completely abandon your dry shampoo, but you might want to consider an extra wash here and there to boost your confidence and attractiveness.

4. Keep your skin healthy

This is the same concept as keeping your hair clean and healthy. When you have clean and healthy skin, it boosts your confidence and indicates good health, according to a study. You dont have spend an hour on your skincare routine every night though just wash your face twice a day and that should be enough to boost your skin health.

5. Face symmetry matters

Youve heard that people with symmetrical features are scientifically more attractive, but most of us dont have perfectly symmetrical faces. However, if you want a little more symmetry, its easy to achieve with different makeup techniques.

Start with shading your eyebrows for a natural look. Brow expert Anastasia Soare suggests, Brush brows up and use a powder one shade lighter than your brow color for the most natural look.

6. Make eye contact

Making eye contact helps you connect with the person youre talking to and makes you seem more attractive. This article suggests noticing the color of the persons eyes you want to impress. That way youre looking in their eyes a little longer and with a little more interest.

7. Dont waste your time on small talk

In a study done by State University of New York, the researchers split two groups of people into pairs to answer a set of questions in 45 minutes. One set of questions contained small talk questions, and the other set were more personal, deep questions. According to the study, the people who asked deeper questions felt more connected and one couple even fell in love.

We dont suggest demanding to know a strangers life story, but ask questions about who they are as a person not about the weather.

8. Go for a run

Even if you hate exercising, it really does help you feel better about yourself (aside from the physical benefits). Doing any form of exercise can give you these benefits, so find something you love and get moving.

9. Practice your posture

Studies show that sitting up straight can actually make you feel more powerful and confident. So keep your chin up and your shoulders square for some serious confidence and attractiveness.

10. Show your confidence

The most attractive thing you can do is be confident in yourself. So lift up your chin and start being fierce, because when youre confident, its easy to love yourself. And when you love yourself, its easy for people to love you.

Doing these small things can make you look fabulous and feel awesome about yourself (even though youre already flawless).
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