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AARP hopes to fill gap in Medicare drug plan
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ATLANTA — By the end of this summer, more than one million Americans will have fallen into the “doughnut hole” — a coverage gap in Medicare’s prescription drug program that leaves individuals on the hook for all of their drug costs while still paying premiums.
The AARP is launching a new online resource to help older Americans avoid this coverage gap.
The AARP “Doughnut Hole Calculator,” available at, guides visitors through their prescription drug options using information about their plans and prescriptions to determine if or when they will fall into the coverage gap.
Visitors can view a graph of their out-of-pocket spending by month, look up lower-cost drugs for their conditions and create a personal medication record.
“If you’re on Medicare, the doughnut hole is something you want to avoid,” said Pamela Roshell, AARP associate state director.
For the first time, the AARP “Doughnut Hole Calculator” will help Georgians figure out whether they are at risk of entering the coverage gap, and they will receive advice on how to avoid it or minimize its impact.
The calculator is powered by Destination Rx as part of an arrangement between AARP and Medicare.
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