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Drive-through clinic practices for epidemic
Residents line up for flu shots
Emergency and health officials set up a drive-through clinic in James Brown Park on Wednesday. The drive-through clinic serviced about 80 people from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
On Wednesday and Thursday, Hinesville emergency authorities and health-care officials set up drive-through flu vaccination stations to help prepare local residents for the flu season and to practice for an emergency epidemic situation, which would require mass vaccinations.
“We have two lanes open now, but we could easily open it up to four in case of an emergency situation,” Diedra Howell, director of the Liberty County Health Department, said of the make-shift clinic that health workers set up in James Brown Park’s parking lot.
Workers administered flu shots for $25 each, pneumonia shots for $60, tetanus shots for $45 and diphtheria and pertussis shots for $60.
Howell said the department doesn’t have vaccines yet for the H1N1 strain, but she expects they will receive some in the next two weeks. The most at-risk groups — the elderly, children and those with immune disorders — will be the first to be vaccinated against H1N1.
According to Annie Washington, who is with the health department, about 80 people received flu shots with about an hour left in the drive.
“There were more people this year than last year,” Washington said. “I don’t know if it’s because last year it was on post and harder to get to, but more people came out this year.”
Howell agreed they had a pretty good turn out and was grateful for the opportunity to practice the drive-through vaccination technique.
“We’ve had a pretty steady line,” she said.
Check upcoming editions of the Courier to find out when the H1N1 vaccine becomes available.

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