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Its official: Most US adults are overweight
Need to lose a few pounds? Youre not alone. Most American adults are overweight, says a new study from JAMA. - photo by Tracie Knabe Snowder
Need to lose a few pounds? Youre not alone. Most American adults are overweight or obese, according to a new study from JAMA.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, looked at data from a 2007 to 2012 national. Data were collected from 15,208 men and women age 25 or older.

Researchers estimate that almost 40 percent of men (36.3 million) and almost 30 percent of women (28.9 million) during that time period were overweight and another 35 percent of men (31.8 million) and 37 percent of women (35.8 million) were counted as obese.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention echo these sentiments with their previous estimate that one-third of Americans are obese.

Study author Lin Yang told in an email that this data shows that obesity is on the rise and we need to attack the epidemic from all areas.

Thus, we strengthen the case for implementing policies and practices that span multiple sections and designed to combat overweight and obesity, Yang wrote. This will need a political will to support multi-level approaches through individual, health professional, community, environment and policy engagement to address this epidemic as a whole.

But what are some easy ways to overcome obesity? The obvious answer is to make a lifestyle change that includes exercise and a healthy diet. But if youre looking for something more specific, recent studies suggest that keeping a daily food journal, sticking to a grocery list and having someone else choose your diet will also help you lose weight.

If you're struggling with exercise, try changing up your routine. Working out outdoors can help keep you from getting bored and studies have shown that exercising in the morning can boost your metabolism and help you eat healthier.
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