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Natural scents promoted for health, happiness
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Kaliana Schmidt, founder of the Kaliana Company, leads a seminar at Farmers Natural Foods in Hinesville on the role of natural scents in improving physical and mental wellness.

At a recent seminar at Farmer’s Natural Foods in Hinesville, Kaliana Schmidt shared her determination to spread more happiness in the world.  
The daughter of a plant biologist explained that when she became ill in 1974, traditional medicine didn’t help. That started her voyage into the studies of alternative, natural and complementary medicine during her teenage years, which continued into adulthood.
Based on all her studies, she developed a process that combines the use of plant essential oils and flower essences. She said certain plants can be used to target specific emotions within people and thereby help them heal and become stress-free.
In 1995, Schmidt developed the Kaliana Company.
She said Duke University performed a study about the emotions and how they affect disease.
“We know that stress is the No. 1 factor that contributes to all disease,” Schmidt said. “And what triggers the stress is emotions. That’s why if we go on vacation we can relax, but in our daily lives our stress is really high.
“Our emotions trigger that … our worries and concerns trigger that … and then that stress triggers the physical discomfort. So if we can lower the emotion or address that emotion, then your stress will come down. And once the stress comes down, then the physical body will also respond.”
Elevated stress can lead to elevated levels of cortisol, which is a hormone released by the body. Too much cortisol can be stored as excess body fat, especially around the belly. Elevated stress levels also can suppress the body’s immune system in fighting illness, managing pain and coping with daily routines.
Schmidt has developed sprays, beverage boosters and support serums that target the most primitive section of the brain, the limbic system, resulting in immediate and significant mood shifts.
And while a layperson may perceive her products as new-age mumbo jumbo, Schmidt said the basic premise of how it works is based on physics and science.
All matter in the world is made up of atoms, and all atoms are in constant motion due to the universe’s energy and motion. That is the basic premise of one of the universal laws of energy.
Atoms in constant motion tend to interact with the others atoms within close proximity.
“Think of it this way,” Schmidt explained. “How long does it take you to decide whether or not you like someone when you first meet them? For pretty much everybody, it is within seconds. How is that possible?
“Like you learned in science, everything is made up of atoms. Those atoms spill off of us. And other people’s atoms spill off of them. Those atoms bump into each other and you feel that. And that is how you make that determination — even though you just met this person. … That is why you can sometimes feel like you’ve known the person forever and feel very comfortable, or on the flip side, you can meet them and think ‘I never want to meet them again.’”
Schmidt said everything in nature, including plants and flowers, has atoms spilling out into the atmosphere.
She said extracting the essential oil and atomic makeup of certain plants can be used to reduce emotional stress.
Schmidt said the essential oils are like the immune system of the plant, and the essences are the intelligence. By combining them, you receive the full atomic spectrum and healing power of the plant.
“You put that together, and in a way, you are getting the physical and emotional component of the plant,” she said.
“A rose has been used throughout time in matters of the heart and love. … Now we can use not only the essential oil from the rose but the flower essence, which is just those atoms, and that is why we can create such great change,” Schmidt said, describing the way her products work.
“For instance, a willow tree is bendable and flexible, and so we can use that to help us be more bendable and flexible — emotionally, not just physically.”
She said the profound change comes from the spray, serum or beverage booster affecting your atoms, much in the same manner your emotion would shift toward someone who is being extremely kind to you versus someone who is treating you poorly.
“When we put those positive atoms around you, that positive energy — you start to relax, you start to feel calm and you start to heal,” Schmidt said.
And the reason it works so quickly, sometimes within 30 seconds, is because it affects the limbic system of the brain, the most primitive aspect of the brain and one that governs emotions.
“It just automatically happens,” she said, adding that there is no conscious thinking interfering with the process of healing. “It’s the same reason you might smell cookies and it reminds you of your grandmother’s house.”
During her recent lecture, she had someone from the audience try her products. The woman immediately responded to the spray, booster and serum, each used at different intervals with time in between for her to experience effects.
The woman said her pain level shifted from a high level of seven on a scale of one to 10, down to a two.
She added that she no longer felt like she carried anger and felt like a weight was lifted from her shoulders.
Schmidt explained how her products also can be used to reduce emotional eating, which causes weight gain and the added emotional stress of guilt.
She said she has been working with military personnel, specifically a small group from Fort Stewart, in using her products to help reduce the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.
Schmidt said she plans to return to Farmer’s Natural Foods, which now sells her products, to offer more information about her products and how they work.
For more information, call 368-7803 or go to or

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