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Pembroke offering medicine discount plan
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Pembroke residents could soon get a break on prescription drug costs under a new city program that will provide free discount cards.
The plan, sponsored by the National League of Cities and administered by CVS Caremark, provides discounts of up to 20 percent on prescribed drugs not covered by insurance.
It is aimed at helping the uninsured and underinsured, but the program is open to all.
“In the current economic climate, where many people are watching what they spend, the NLC prescription card will offer significant savings on the purchase of prescription medications for our residents,” said Frank Etheridge, Pembroke city administrator.
While a launch date for the plan is still being determined, residents will be able to use the cards at both Pembroke pharmacies and at others, as well.
More than 59,000 pharmacies around the U.S. accept the cards, according to an NLCS press release. More than 50 in the Savannah area accept the discount cards.
Under the program, there are no age or income restrictions for the discount cards, nor limits on how many times it can be used – and one card works for the entire family.
It’s available to all Pembroke residents regardless of existing health coverage and there’s no membership fee.
“Whether or not an individual has prescription coverage, this program can make it easier for our residents to afford the medications they need to deal with a short-term illness or stay healthy by managing a chronic condition,” Etheridge said.
Pembroke is one of a number of cities to offer the program, including Savannah and Columbus in Georgia.
There are more than 300 cities reportedly enrolled in the program, which began in 2008. There is no cost for cities to participate in the plan, according to the NLC website.
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