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Two staph cases found in schools here
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Two cases of MRSA have been identified in the Liberty County schools, officials announced this afternoon. The schools affected are Bradwell Institute and Joseph Martin Elementary.
Letters and MRSA fact sheets are being sent home to parents of students at the two schools, as well as Pre-K Center parents. Officials are concerned that one of the infected students may have visited the Pre-K Center.
Methicillin resistant staphyloccus aureus is a form of staph bacteria which frequently causes skin infections. It frequently looks like a spider bite, boil, abscess or turf burn.
The schools are referring questions to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1-800-311-3435,
Recommendations to avoid staph infections include:
• Wash hands often.
• Keep cuts and sores clean and covered.
• Shower after sports and other physical activities.
• Avoid sharing personal items like towels, razors and sports equipment.
• Seek prompt medical attention if a cut or sore becomes red, oozes, painful or doesn’t heal.
staph fact sheet
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