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Local's photo gets regional exposure
BIZ CVB Henderson
John Henderson's photo features a sunrise through a moss-covered tree in the marsh at Sunbury. - photo by Photo by John Henderson

Yellow Bluff resident John Henderson has had one of his photos included on the Georgia Coast on their Instagram feed.

The Liberty County Convention and Visitors Bureau said the photo was originally posted on its Instagram account and reposted on the regional feed.

The photo captures a Sunbury sunrise through a tree on the marsh on a hazy morning. It was posted to Georgia Coast’s Instagram account on June 25.

The picture has received 1,266 likes so far. The LCCVB posted the photo on the Instagram account they share with the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce under Explore Liberty. The photo received 192 likes on the Explore Liberty page.

"We’re extremely pleased that the Georgia Coast picked up this photo from our feed and reposted it," LCCVB CEO Leah Poole said. "We’re happy that the beautiful spots we have in Liberty County are being showcased on platforms like Georgia Coast. It’s superb to have local photographers like John that have given us permission to use their photos. It helps us have amazing content and creates a closer community."

To find out more about the LCCVB, visit, call 912-368-4445 or find it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest as Explore Liberty.

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