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November gardening to-do list
Ask a Master Gardener
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“These recommendations are included in the “Gardening Guide to the Lower South,” published by the Trustees Garden Club of Savannah and available at Twin Oaks Nursery in Midway and Anderson’s Feed and Garden Supply in Walthourville:

To-do list
“November continues to be a busy month for completing fall planting and fall chores.
• Plant trees and shrubs. Dig a hole three times wider than the ball of the plant, but no deeper.
• Small trees and shrubs may be transplanted when cold weather begins. Prune to compensate for root loss.
• Continue planting perennials and hardy annuls, either by sowing seed or buying available plants.
• Spring blooming bulbs may still be planted.
• Divide and transplant perennials, iris and daylilies. Divide and replant dahlias after the first killing frost.
• Pinch back snapdragons planted in the fall, when they are five inches high. Do this several times for bushier plants.
• When chrysanthemums are finished blooming, cut back stems to within five inches of the ground. Remove, if necessary, to an out of the way sunny location to save for cuttings next spring. Apply a light mulch.
• Prune shrubs and trees only to remove overly vigorous shoots.
• Spray to prevent tea scale. Check mulch: depth should not exceed two inches. Mulch tender plants to protect from cold weather.
• Dig and store caladium bulbs before frost. Remove foliage, dust with a fungicide and store in a stocking or onion bag for circulation, where the temperature is near 60° F.
• Remove dead annual plants and cut off tops of perennials.
• Keep watering if rainfall is less than one inch per week.”
Starting in January, the Liberty County Master Gardener Association will sponsor a monthly community “Brown Bag” noon lecture series in conjunction with the county extension offices of Liberty and Bryan counties.
Extension agents Robert Bell and David Moulder, with occasional guest speakers, will provide timely information on a variety of topics. The lectures will be given in Hinesville, Pembroke, Midway and Richmond Hill.
January’s topic will be on pruning and will be hosted in Hinesville. Keep watching for more details.
November’s meeting of the Liberty County Master Gardeners will be at the extension offices at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 20.
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