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Passion can be genesis of genius
From China with love
Jorjas Mug Shot
Jorja Wu is an international student from China who attends First Presbyterian Christian Academy in Hinesville. - photo by File photo

As I grow, I heard that "passion is the best teacher, and the key to success." I never believed this because I thought the most important things were talent and hard-work. I changed my mind when I met Uncle Richard.

Uncle Richard lives in Virginia, and my favorite place at his home is his garage — familiar gasoline scents, shining silver tools, old vintage collections and his precious cars. Uncle Richard is a "mechanician," my word for a magician mechanic. His biggest interest and hobby is to assemble and design different styles of cars. He told me that he learned how to do these things on his own.

One night after dinner, I went to Uncle Richard’s garage with him. Just like before, I was amazed by his current masterpieces. Suddenly, a car caught my eye in the back of his garage, where all his personal collections/favorites are. It was a black, old-fashioned car. The special part is that all the engine, which is supposed to be inside the hood, is on the outside. Naked, shining silver parts, such a bold innovation makes this car not only unique, but also stand out vividly.

Later, I asked Uncle Richard a million questions: "How to make the cars that require different quantities of gasoline", "The use and assortments of car paints", "The safety of different cars" even "How to get driver’s licenses from 50 states" and so on.

Uncle Richard answered each patiently in detail. I learned that the quantity of gasoline depends on the

horsepower, the more horsepower, the more gasoline is required. And different drivers have different demands. For example, racers want to have a lot of horsepower. The car paints are just like nail polish, there are different kinds and different effects, and once you want another color, you use the sand paper to wipe the old one off.

I also learned to observe cars. For example, when I see the driver’s seat is on the right side of the car, I know that it is likely a British car.

As I walked around Uncle Richard’s garage, I saw many precious memories behind his varied collections; lamps, elements from his grandparents, a fish decoration from a good friend and, of course, a red car painted on canvas from me! This garage is his paradise where his passion drives and imagination flies.

Just like the saying, "The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure." I can imagine how boring and lifeless our lives would be if we did not have passions.

"Sorry, Uncle Richard," I said "I just asked you a million questions."

"No, don’t ever apologize for asking too many questions," he answered patiently. "Because if I answered them, they are valuable."

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