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Random thoughts on area
Liberty lore
Margie Love
A former Liberty County resident, Margie Love lives in Tattnall County and writes about area history. - photo by File photo

A native of Liberty County, T.C. Stevens moved to Jekyll Island and graduated from Glynn Academy. He is now a retired deputy sheriff from Newton County, Georgia. Abial Winn was a member of the Georgia State Senate and was captain of the Liberty Independent Troop. Stevens is the great- great-grandchild of Winn.

T. C. has written several short stories and put them on Facebook on My Georgia Coast. Recently, he has been writing a story, one chapter at the time, on Short Stories from the Heart. One needs to join the group to read them.

His story is called Pete. Pete is a man whose wife died recently and he was an alcoholic and needed to change his life. He found and bought a place on the outer edge of the Okefenokee Swamp and decided to build himself a cabin the old fashioned way and without electricity in it. He bought a little puppy and named him Sweetie. So, far we who are followers have enjoyed 32 short chapters and anxiously wait for T.C. to add another chapter. We are helping Pete build this cabin one log at the time. T.C. is a very talented writer and makes all the details so clear. Thanks, T. C. for taking the time to share your knowledge of a lifetime with us as you write this fictional book!

One day last week a deer was killed on the highway somewhere in Statesboro. Somebody or bodies took the deer and placed it next to one of the college buildings. Flowers were placed against the body and empty beer and liquor bottles. Someone made the comment that one knew he was in a redneck college after seeing this!

Time changed again this morning. It will be very hard getting up an hour earlier and getting to Glennville First Baptist Church for the early service at 8:30. It always takes a few weeks to get used to the change. Congress has changed the time many times over the years since 1918, but beginning in 2007 and going forward, Congress made a law that Daylight Saving Time in the U. S. would begin at 2 a.m. the second Sunday in March and ends at 2 a.m. the first Sunday in November.

There is a lady in Ludowici advertising signs to stick in your yard with your family’s last name on it. The ones she showed were silhouettes of dogs with steel rods in the back to stick in the ground. I told my son Bruce that if he had one made with his dog’s silhouette, the sign would be next to the ground. He has a dachshund!

It is strawberry season again. I always think of Shoney’s Big Boy fresh strawberry pie at this time of the year. Our local grocery store gets their fresh strawberries from a farm in Florida. I bought a pound for $1.67 and sliced some on top of pound cake and covered them with Cool Whip. It was delicious. The fresh berries are usually cheaper at this time of the year than any other. Enjoy them while they are in season.

This Friday and Saturday is the famous Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale that is held annually. I am hoping the weather will be nice for it. We usually go to Hazlehurst first. That is where they have a huge one in a large field and there are many vendors. I never know what I am looking for until I see it and then it has to be the right price. We have been going for several years. I will certainly miss seeing Thomas Cribbs this year as he usually looked forward to the sale. He collected Griswold iron cooking ware. Remember the old saying, "One man’s junk is another’s treasure!" I will be looking for my treasure!

Homemade sausage is hard to find. When I remember eating fried sausage patties that Huey Caison used to make each year when he butchered hogs, I can find none to compare them to. Finding bought good smoked sausage can be a challenge also. But, I have found a brand that I like better than most others and that is Conecur smoked sausage that are made in Alabama. I bought a two pound package at Walmart for $6.22. They were the mild larger link sausage, but I also bought a two pound package of the mild smaller links. I enjoy grilling them. The same ones cost $4.59 per pound in another large grocery store. Try these if you are searching for a good smoked sausage. They also come in the hot variety.

It is getting exciting around Hinesville as the Longhorn Steakhouse has opened and the Hobby Lobby will have their grand opening on Monday. There may be others in the new shopping center that have or will be opening soon. I could spend a couple of hours wandering around Hobby Lobby and looking, especially at their flower selection. There are so many that it is hard to choose and the prices are very good. This new shopping center will add much to the economy of the city and certainly more people will be visiting from adjoining counties. I certainly miss all the shopping and dining choices since I moved from Liberty County.

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