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Reasons to be thankful plentiful
Treasures of Midway
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The other day I was driving out of Midway down Highway 17 on my way to a funeral in Fleming.
As I was going around the sharp curve in Byrd Hill a beautiful, gray horse came running full speed out of one of the dirt roads and galloped down Highway 17 alongside my truck for nearly two miles.  
Yes, that was me hanging out of the window of my truck looking like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. I was trying to get this horse to stop, slow down oncoming traffic, keep the traffic behind me at a crawl, and not sound like an idiot on my cell phone with the 9-1-1 operator.
The horse finally tired of jumping back-and-forth over the guardrail in front of 18-wheelers at the bridge right before Shavetown. Thankfully, two Liberty County sheriff’s deputies arrived to help subdue the runaway horse.
One of the deputies was able to approach the escapee in “horse whisperer-like” fashion to grab a hold of the horse’s harness. When my end of the Midway coral was done, the deputies were calling for “horse assistance” and the horse was calmly standing in custody.
This got me thinking, “Isn’t Midway and Liberty County a great place to live.”  Where else could you get this assortment of people working together, and for the health and safety of an animal to boot?’
A college English instructor and weekly writer for the Coastal Courier, along with two deputies capture a horse along a US highway on a late morning in the middle of the week.
In addition, the considerate motorists and truckers slowed down, which assisted us during our rescue operation.  
Lastly, we have the unknown owner of the horse, who I am sure is quite thankful these efforts.
That is the key word, and one that is obviously appropriate throughout this next week.
The minister at the funeral made a point along these lines as well. Even though a funeral is an obvious time of sadness and sorrow, it should also be a time of thanks. It’s a time of thanks and appreciation for the people the deceased have left behind, along with the time spent with that person before their passing.
All of us in Midway should be thankful for living in a historic coastal town with great people. All of us in Liberty County should be thankful for living in such a unique place in this country.
We all have a rich history that is important to the development of this country and, with Fort Stewart, we shape a lot of this country’s future.
This Thanksgiving, everyone should be thankful for our families, friends, neighbors, government service providers, military, and those who have passed away and those who are still living.
We should be proud of where we live and thankful for the people we live with.
I did not get the names of those two deputies, but thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty in rescuing the frightened horse.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
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