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Rotary honors two 3rd ID soldiers
LIFE Rotary soldier smith
Rotarian Paul Andreshak shakes hands with Spc. Ray Smith during the Hinesville civic club’s meeting Tuesday. - photo by Photo by Pat Watkins
The Hinesville Rotary Club honored two soldiers for the quarter during its meeting Tuesday, both based on honors they had earned in their units.
Both are MPs: Sgt. Keith Love, who is based on Fort Stewart and who lives in Hinesville, and Spc. Ray Smith, who works traffic control on Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah. Love is a prevention loss leader with a detective unit on Fort Stewart.
The sergeant enlisted in 2005, took basics at Fort Benning and then advanced individual training at Leonardwood, Mo. He’s also been stationed at Fort Drum, N.Y. He spent a 15-month deployment in Iraq in 2006-07.
Smith took basics and AIT at Fort Leonardwood after joining in 2006. He has been at Fort Campbell and a short time at Folk Polk, as well as a 15-month deployment in Iraq.
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