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Skyfall is a new high for the James Bond movie series
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Today we celebrate 50 years of “shaken, not stirred” with a review of “Skyfall,” the 23rd picture in the 007 series.

Daniel Craig is back for his third James Bond film. This time he’s teamed up with director Sam Mendes.

At the beginning of the film, Bond is in a high-speed pursuit, trying to recover a stolen hard drive. On it are the names of undercover NATO agents imbedded around the globe — not something we want in the wrong hands.

During the mission, Bond is shot and presumed dead. Meanwhile, the cyber terrorist behind the theft, known as Silva, begins wreaking havoc, killing off agents, planting bombs and threatening M.

Will Bond return to save MI6 in time?

“Skyfall” is Bond at its best. The film has all the elements of a classic Bond movie and yet it’s updated and edgier than ever.

Villain Javier Bardem’s acting is incredible. In fact, Bond films have been nominated for Oscars only for things like music and effects. This could be the first time the spy series gets a supporting-actor nomination.

“Skyfall” is the highest-grossing Bond film of all time. There are plenty of nods in the film to classic Bond elements. Look for the martini. Look for Moneypenny. Meet the new Q. Wait until you learn what Skyfall means!

I’m a fan!

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