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Sock hop benefits first responders
MR 50s Doll
1950s doll Gina Riddle got herself decked out for the EAT sock hop. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
The poodle skirts and leather jackets made it look like a “Happy Days” fan convention.
The nostalgia was a sock hop to support the multi-county Emergency Assistance Team on Saturday.
EAT is a nonprofit organization that assists first responders, such as firefighters and police officers, during emergencies that last for an extended period of time, furnishing drinks and snacks.
The team has assisted on emergency calls in Liberty, Bryan, Ware, Tattnall and Long counties, and has worked calls from vehicle accidents, to house fires, to missing person searches.
Liberty County Commissioner Connie Thrift has attended several EAT fundraisers.
“These ladies do a fantastic job, helping emergency workers on calls. Since they both have been firefighters they see the need in a way that only a first responder could see it,” Thrift said.
The Gum Branch area commissioner added, “There is a need for a group like this in our county and in the surrounding counties, and they have shown that they are more than capable of doing the job and also they are willing to always help.”
On Saturday, EAT’s sock hop also
provided revelers with all they could eat, from their choice of ham, chicken, macaroni and cheese, bread and plenty of dessert options. The meal cost $10 per person.
During the night, karaoke was set up with participants singing golden oldies. Folks sang their hearts out, as couples danced cheek-to-cheek.
“Tonight I had a really good time. The food was good, and it was for a good cause,” said ’50s doll Lynn Coplin.
Team member Debbie Bradley said, “Tonight went real well. Everyone had a good time and we saw a few new faces. But I really was disappointed in the turnout. I wish we would have had more people come out.”
According to EAT President Wendy Newton, the team has no formal funding. The only way the group gets funding is through events like the sock hop.
Hinesville Fire Department senior firefighter John Yesis said, “I’m having a great time, but I really appreciate what these ladies do for us, and that’s why I came out here tonight.”
For more information on EAT or how to donate, call Newton at 977-2235 or send correspondence to Emergency Assistance Team, 189 Prince Road, Hinesville, GA 31313.
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