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Sound Off Aug. 3

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. Call 876-3733. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

Finally the Coastal Courier is worth reading. You have more Sound offs in it. We thank you. People like Sound off. Also, you have a lot of interesting articles in it. But I’m tired of this superintendent mess.

Please ask your food critic, Patty Leon, to try the two new little restaurants near Kroger in Hinesville. The taco shop is excellent. Have her try them and let us know what she thinks about them.

Can someone please tell me what the politicians are thinking about putting a shooting range on Limerick Road in a residential area? How much are they being paid to allow that?

We’ve been reading about Dr. Lee and her intimidations. Where are the parents, teacher, administrators and Lily Baker in all this? Are they investigating this? Are they doing something about this? Or is everyone afraid for their job?

Is there a Boy Scout troop in Liberty County? I’d like to support them. They do good work.

Even though I’ve had disputes with the (unclear) before. The Hinesville Police Department is professional, nice and always on their toes.

Can’t you people find anything else in the Sound off other than the superintendent? It sounds biased now. It’s not fair. We got other items we expect to see in Sound off. We’re sick of reading that.

I’m calling about the minority chamber of commerce. That just speaks of racism. We see so much about our nation being divided, black and white. Why can’t they just be part of a group as Americans, or citizens or all business owners?

I agree with the caller who asked about the wig man. I haven’t seen him in a while. I’m worried about him.

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