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Sound off Dec. 30
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If the tax bills were mailed on Friday and it now Wednesday afternoon, where are they? It doesn’t take four or five days to deliver mail in Hinesville. Of course, in our neighborhood, they often deliver to the wrong homes.

I’m saddened to hear of the loss of Tom Coffey, who was born in Walthourville but lived in Savannah. He came up as a leading newscaster for early TV. He was a World War II veteran and won the Purple Heart. He was with Savannah Morning News for more than 50 years. He had many accolades and attachments to Liberty County, including the Midway Society.

I’m sitting in the Liberty-Bradwell game, and once again I do not see our superintendent here to support her students. She wants the two schools to play one another, and have to deal with that huge crowd, but she won’t give up her free time to attend the game.

There appears to have been no thought the thing that they call a Christmas tree in Bradwell Park. What in the …

Why does one board member always seem to oppose when voting? Your constituents and children of Liberty County deserve your professional judgment. Leave your prejudices at the office.

I hope Santa brings the good people of Liberty County a new school superintendent, a new BoE chairman and some new BoE members. We’d like some who really care about the children of our community, please!

I’d like to congratulate this motorcycle club for delivering Christmas to these needy children and their families. My neighbor wouldn’t have had any Christmas for her grandson the last two years if not for them. Thank you, club members. May God bless you.

It sounds like there is some infighting among our BoE members. Maybe it is because one of them is not afraid to disagree with the superintendent and board chair and speaks his mind. The others follow along like little sheep. BOE members were elected to represent the people of their district. They need to do their job or be removed.

A house divided shall not stand. United we stand. Divided we fall. Has the American government conquered us by dividing us with labels? What if we all showed up as independent voters, with no labels?

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