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Sound off Feb. 3

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Seems like Ludowici PD missed the Fourth Amendment, US Constitution, where one has an expectation to privacy in his home. The warrant-less entry into the home by the police was illegal and invalidates the seizure of the firearm and the arrest of the second soldier. And, if tampering with evidence is based upon policing the brass, that is a thin one, too.

Marcus Scott please get your priorities straight! Videotaping the LCSS board meetings will NOT improve our students test scores nor help them prepare for the Gmas test that’s fast approaching. For you to be an Administrator although in another school district because you Definitely cannot teach in Liberty County you of all people should be focused on the students and what benefits them. Compared to the Chatham County schools and district Dr. Lee and our district is doing a good job, perhaps that’s why you wanted and chose to be on our school board council instead of Chatham where you actually work. Take your energy and ideas and focus on fixing Savannah district and help the students there.

To the person stealing water from my house — You cost me over $300 worth of extra utilities. I have two mortgages, three children, and a household to run. Stay out of my neighborhood and pay for your own water like a decent human being.

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