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Sound off for April 11

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This is to all you people who throw your beer bottle out of your car. Please stop. My dog got hurt this morning. He got a deep laceration from stepping on a bottle in the grass. Please put your bottles in the trash. Or, better yet, quit drinking and driving.

ESPLOST only allows the Board of Education to waste even more money. Liberty County Board of Education has to have 95 percent on property taxes in the state to receive federal funding on our military children. Why would anyone allow this to happen? ESPLOST will not lower your property tax bills.

Our county commissioners, we need to vote them out because I don’t see anything they’re doing for the county. Let’s get to the polls and make a change.

Liberty County Rec Department softball has always been fair, making each coach take several girls who have never played before. Why is it Midway gets to form its own team with several travel team players and they have different pitchers and catchers? This is unfair to little girls who have never played before.

For at least two years now, like clockwork, unidentified persons have been making it their goal to keep Courtland Drive completely littered with trash. Thankfully to counter this, every couple weeks or so our city sends a Litter Team to Courtland Drive to clean up the extensive debris. Sadly though, our misguided perpetrators soon afterwards begin their mischief once again. At times, neighbors and myself pitch in by picking up the litter in between our city’s policing cycle, usually when the litterers have been especially busy.

Is it true that the school system has added yet another high paid commuter from Atlanta? The street committee says our former assistant superintendent of operations is back making six figures to be the school transportation director. Coastal Courier, can you investigate and let us know?

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