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Sound off for April 12

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Shame on all the soccer parents that don’t show up at their children’s games. There are 23 kids on each of the girls and boys teams and we have about five parents who show up at all the games. How embarrassing when we have all the parents from the others teams flowing in to see the games.

To the man who wanted us Notherners to go back north, maybe you can get Donald Trump put a ban on us, or build a wall. What’s the matter, was this Northerner more smarter than you?

Why are we paying salaries to people leaving, you have paraprofessional’s leaving under the poverty level. I think the board should take that money and spread it among the people that are really doing the work teaching, loving and supporting our kids.

Churches in Hinesville, especially the “big” ones, should stop begging for money for the pastor and Caucasian pastors need to stop using African Americans as pawns, use your own people.

The taxpayers of Liberty County should refuse to pay their taxes this year until they are told this woman will not get this paycheck for almost $200,000 to sit home for a whole year. Her contract is up and she should get nothing, not with all the problems she’s caused this district.

I find it appalling that all most a quarter of the calls to our fire departments went unanswered. This should not have gone this far. Somebody needs to be check on this one. That is for sure.

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