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Sound off for April 15
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I don’t believe it’s a godly idea for anyone to persecute children; the old and sick and neglect them in any way.

Yes, to the Coastal Courier: What happened to the big event at Bryant Commons this weekend? How much did it cost the taxpayers? Why can’t we ask the assistant administrator and print the answers. Can you investigate and report? We would like you to do a better job.

Our city officials are not good stewards of taxpayers’ money in Hinesville. This concert that we recently had, they spent over $46,000 on it. I’m sure the revenue brought in is nowhere near what they put out. Also, we spent over $7 million for a football field that has no parking. Everybody and all of our officials need to be fired.

There’s information out that there is a diabetic cure now in Europe. It’s with a stem-cell therapy that they are curing diabetes. Why don’t we have this in the United States of America? Is it because there’s so much money made with people being diabetic, the drugs, the doctors and everything else that we can’t have a cure? I’m disgusted, diabetes sucks. I’m just tired of not having a cure when they have it for AIDS and other diseases.

You can buy stamps at the Kroger store, at any register if you need stamps. You can also buy stamps, mail packages and letters at the FedEx store over by the Goodwill store at the small shopping center. I quit going to the post office years ago.

This is about the mayor catering to the military, because he once served in the military: In my opinion, once a soldier, always a soldier. Even though he’s in the civilian community now, he’s doing a good job for the military community. They are keeping us safe, and we would also like to let them know that we appreciate what they do for us.

Way to go Hinesville. Raise our taxes, raise our property taxes, raise the millage rates, furlough teachers, putting more stress on parents to find day care. But that board of education, they’re still collecting all their money, aren’t they? Time for parents to get outraged in this community.

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