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Sound off for April 17
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Most of us have to stand in line at the post office, and to you who says they deserve to go bankrupt, next time you stand in a long line at Walmart or any other store, think about it. It is not the local post office’s fault. Personnel cuts everywhere. Just try to go at a less busy time, it works. Post-office workers are doing a great job. From a satisfied customer.

Driving on a Hinesville street, trying to dodge the manhole covers and the potholes is like trying to drive a minefield. Please put our tax dollars to use on our streets.

I see the city of Hinesville crime map, but there are other places in Liberty County that can have a crime map in the paper, too. Like Midway, Riceboro and other surrounding areas. Hinesville is fine for having a crime map, but we need to have one here for Midway and Riceboro and other places, too. If you’re going to put one, then put them in for all of Liberty County.

I thought school buses had the same rules as every other driver on the road. I just had one go out in front of me without either looking or stopping, undoubtedly, because I had to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting him. I think we need to make sure that school buses know they have to follow the same rules.

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