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Sound off for April 17
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not know if they are true, nor do we know what motivated callers:


I just want to thank whoever picked up my purse and turned it in to the police in Walthourville. It does my heart good to know there are still good people in the world.

I think I’m going to go buy a castle in England. Don’t be surprised if you see one of my neighbors or friends do the same thing. Did you ever notice that people don’t have minds of their own.

I’d like to know who the wise one is at OMI who puts a tractor in a flooded ditch to cut the grass and makes all the ruts. All you have to do is drive South Main and you’ll see it.

Whose bright idea was it to raise the price of lunch for students, some who can barely afford to pay what they are paying now?

Digging ditches or breaking rocks in prison for seven years does not qualify one as a landscaper or general contractor. You made a mess of my yard. What goes around, comes around.

There should be law banning scanners from people’s homes. Every time there is a 911 call, emergency or non-emergency, there are people sitting back trying to figure out what law enforcement is doing. That’s why these drug people can’t be caught.

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